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Green Ninja Smart Energy Contest!

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We all know that saving energy is important, but how much of a difference can one household really make? Find out by entering the Smart Energy Contest and taking control of your own energy use!
Step 1: Watch the fun two-minute Green Ninja video to learn about energy conservation.
Step 2: Learn how to read your online PG&E SmartMeterTM account and use the info to record how much energy your house uses. This step can be completed in about 5-10 minutes.
Step 3: Choose any actions from the list of suggestions on how to reduce daily household energy use and then try them for 2 weeks. This step won't take very much additional time, but it will take a little thought!
Step 4: Look at your SmartMeterTM account again and record how your household energy use changed compared to the previous two weeks. Did your action make any difference? Enter your data in this form and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will then be entered to win a number of prizes!
Check out the rules of the contest.

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Contest Rules

The contest works like this.

In Step 1, students watch a Green Ninja video and read through the the accompanying information to learn about energy conservation. In Step 2, students then learn how to read their online PG&E smart meter account so they can record their daily household energy. Then, in Step 3, students take action by choosing from a list of suggestions on how to reduce their daily household energy use. Finally, in Step 4, students will observe their daily energy use for two weeks to see if their actions have made a difference. Once the two week recording period is completed, students complete the online contest form and enter their energy data. The contest can be completed in two weeks.

Note: Participants must have a PG&E smart meter or some way to monitor their daily energy use. At present, nearly all Bay Area residents who use PG&E have smart meters installed. You can verify this by going to your online PG&E account (further info provided in Step 2).

To officially enter the contest, students complete the required information on the contest website that includes the following:

  1. Student name, school and contact information.
  2. The student’s daily energy use for two weeks prior and two weeks after the actions.

Instructions are given every step of the way to help students learn how to get their PG&E energy information, how to conserve energy, and how to enter their energy data into our contest website.

Other Rules: To be eligible for one of the prizes, the student must be attending a California K-12 public or private school (homeschool and university ok) and must provide proof of their household energy usage should they be awarded a prize.