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Uses his backpack as a pillow sometimes

  • Favorite food: Almond butter and berry jam sandwich
  • Hobby: Climbing skinny trees to find treats
  • Green Goal: To pick up all the trash he finds in the forest
  • Favorite Video: Tissue Issue
Favorite video


Enjoys swimming upstream and running downhill

  • Favorite food: Kefir blended seaweed smoothies
  • Hobby: Extreme potato sack racing
  • Green Goal: To design fish friendly habitat for storm water drains
  • Favorite Video: Save the Fishes
Favorite video


Learned how to float as a young log

  • Favorite food: Chips and mycorrhizal fungi salsa
  • Hobby: Collecting flat rocks to skip across lakes
  • Green Goal: Helping injured insects return back to their native wilderness
  • Favorite Video: Be Like a Tree
Favorite video


Most comfortable at room temperature

  • Favorite food: Watercress-melon ice cream
  • Hobby: Reading popular ocean fiction novels
  • Green Goal: To design a more effective water purifier
  • Favorite Video: The Flushing
Favorite video

Green Ninja

Always ready for a challenge or an adventure

  • Favorite food: Oven roasted kale guacamole
  • Hobby: Meditation
  • Green Goal: To reduce annual carbon emissions by 5 Gt per year
  • Favorite Video: Everyday Hero
Favorite video


Often the life of a party

  • Favorite food: Orange sauce
  • Hobby: Hiding in unexpected places
  • Green Goal: To promote peace and happiness through dialogue
  • Favorite Video: Dr. Burrito
Favorite video


Hums a perfect tune

  • Favorite food: Sunflower tea cakes
  • Hobby: Butterfly aerobics
  • Green Goal: To reverse colony collapse disorder
  • Favorite Video: BEE-F-F.
Favorite video


Prefers floating point operations

  • Favorite food: Electricity from renewable sources
  • Hobby: Serving others
  • Green Goal: To have better answers to challenging environmental questions
  • Favorite Video: H2001: A Waste Odyssey
Favorite video


Enjoys returning orphan socks to their owners

  • Favorite food: Nachos with grilled habaneros
  • Hobby: Baking miniature desserts for his ant collection
  • Green Goal: To grow all his own food for a year
  • Favorite Video: Styrofoam Man
Favorite video


Loves Test Cricket and fresh water taffy shops

  • Favorite food: Fair trade sea salt & caramel chocolate cocoa with marshmallows
  • Hobby: Designing robots to do her homework
  • Green Goal: To eliminate the need for freeways in cities
  • Favorite Video: Bike Party
Favorite video